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Data as a Service

We help enhancing and enriching the value of your data by combining it with our own set of consumer, POI, media, and area administration data using our API

Data Integration Platform

Integrating and connecting all silo data within your organization in a meaningful way to create a totally elevated value of your enterprise data

Analytics and Technology Service

We provide full-blown data analytics services to solve your specific business case using advanced analytics method and big data f ramework

Basic Consumer & Household Data
Point of Interest
Administration Borders, Roads, Areas
Unstructured Nationwide Formal Media Data
Unstructured Nationwide Social Media Data
Indonesia’s Nerdiest Company Joins Yello Mobile and Cloudera in multi-million dollar partnership – TechInAsia.com

Mediatrac is easily Indonesia’s most nerdy company. For a party on its office rooftop, the executive team put painstaking efforts into hiring the right Darth Vader impersonator. “We had to go through at least three or four guys before we found the right one,” says Regi Wahyu, Mediatrac’s CEO. “The others were not tall enough.” […]

Mediatrac Jalin Kemitraan dengan Yello Digital Marketing dan Cloudera – Dailysocial.net

Kerja sama ini bertujuan meningkatkan kapabilitas Big Data Analytics di perusahaan-perusahaan Asia Tenggara Perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang Big Data Analytics di Indonesia, Mediatrac, malam kemarin (28/7) mengumumkan kerja sama mereka dengan dua rekan barunya, yakni Yello Digital Marketing dan Cloudera. Kerja sama ini bertujuan untuk untuk meningkatkan kapabilitas Big Data Analytics di perusahaan-perusahaan Asia Tenggara. […]